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Elynn - 2 Months

Two Months!!

Elynn Colemen... or "Cole" if you're talking to my husband, has plumped right up!
At his last well baby, he weighed in at a hefty 15 pounds and 13 ounces.

He's almost off the charts for weight! 
Booby milk for the WIN! 


I just had to go shopping for 6 month size clothes, which I find a little hilarious! I guess all the clothes I stashed away from Ever won't be as handy as I thought.

He is such a sweet & patient little guy. Doesn't even mind how many pictures I take of him....

and he doesn't mind that his big brother loves to to give kisses and hugs and steps on him at least once a day (if not more...)

I'm totally loving his #fatbabyinalittletie look.

More pictures to come from a recent photo shoot I did with my kids!

Also be sure to check out his Monthly Photo Project!

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