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Elynn - 1 Month

We made it one month!
He's chunked up to over 12 pounds and is nursing like a champ!
We've completely outgrown newborn clothes and are closing in on 3 month sizes..
DIY Monthly Photos - 1 month

His hair is awesome. 
Enough said.

DIY Monthly Photos - 1 month

And he gives me this look 90% of the time when he's awake. (although he's starting to give me non-gas related smiles! Check out my Instagram for tons more baby goodness!)

DIY Monthly Photos - 1 month

Oh, and I since I couldn't get a picture with the swaddle, like his 1 week photos, (due to an epic blowout ) I decided to mix in this AMAZING blanket his Auntie made for him!!

He looks good in red, I'd say!

DIY Monthly Photos - 1 month
You can keep up with the monthly photo project here...
Elynn's Monthly Photo Project
1 Week Photos
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