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Elynn's Photo Project

Where does the time go?

These first few weeks with a newborn have been a whirlwind!

We spent two weeks up at my mom's in Western, WA, while my husband did his National Guard Annual Training (AT) then we came home for 3 days and then decided to take a last minute trip to North Idaho for the 4th to see family and to escape the 100 degree weather here.

In case you are wondering, that puts us in the car for approximately 1,900 miles or 32 hours with 3 kids, three and under, all before our newborn was 5 weeks old.


Since this means computer time has been limited, I have been doing Elynn's photo updates via good ol' Instagram and I really like how that is going...

(in case you are curious, I use three apps to get this look... Instagram, DoodleSnap, and Instacollage)

Cute Right!!

I'll have the real 1 month photos up tomorrow, plus I will be updating this page monthly and will add it to the menu bar (when I get a moment to clean up my blog!)

You can catch up on past photo shoots here...

Elynn's 1 week photo shoot
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