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Vintage Metal Cart Makeover

Do you pick things up off the side of the road?

I do.


Nothing beats FREE!

Like this...

A roadside find transformed - before

a vintage rolling cart!

Awesome chrome legs and a sadder than sad paint job on the rest.

It was missing a few bolts to hold it together, but that was an easy fix.

A couple coats of spray paint later ( in my fav Krylon I used on my metal army desk!) we have this...
Metal cart transformed - Krylon Jade - after

my original plan was to use this in my office for my printer, but I couldn't resist dragging it outside....

Vintage cart, glasses, coke crate and tea towels - after

...and styling it up with some vintage glasses and tea towels...

Vintage cart transformed into outdoor serving cart - styled with vintage glasses and tea towels

Vintage cart for outdoor entertaining I just need to make up a batch of lemonade...

Krylon Jade used to transform this roadside find into entertaining cart - after

or finally learn how to make sweet tea...  

Vintage cart found on roadside, transformed into outdoor beverage cart. - Before and After

....what do you think!?

Do you have any road side finds you've given new life too?

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