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Ellery's Granny Chic Bedroom - Source List

Thank you all for all the amazing feedback on the reveal of Elle's room!!

Today I am going to be breaking down the sources and price list for the room! 

Room Color: Walls/Ceiling : Martha Stewart Sandpiper (Glidden Duo Eggshell) 
The swatch leans to the Beige side, but it is actually a really light warm gray! It works really well with the brown tones in our carpet and is seriously my most favorite color to use!

Bed Corner:
Bed corner - source list and cost

Bed: DIY (tutorial coming soon) - materials $75 + new mattress $100

Headboard: Vintage - already had

Headboard Fabric: Home Fabrics - "Windsor" by Covington Fabric - $14

Embroidered Pillow: Vintage Fabric - made by me - $1

Duvet:  Gift -Made by my sister from vintage sheets

Pillowcase: Vintage

Pink Crochet Blanket: Gift - made by my sister-in-law

Hot Pink Blanket: already had

Toolbox: Vintage - already had

Curtains:- Ikea - $8 for pair (I can't find them online, I think they may be discontinued)

Curtain Rod: DIY $5 (tutorial to come!)

Stuffed Aromatherapy Pig: - Gift 

Rug: Ikea- already had

Chair Corner:
Chair corner - Source List and Cost

Chair: - Vintage $30

Nightstand: - Vintage- already had - Painted in Behr Swiss Coffee

Wallpaper on Nightstand - Vintage

Small Pillow: Made by me - Fabric "Chesney" from Home Fabrics $7

Lamp: Vintage -already had

Shade: $1 - Covered in "Chesney" using leftover fabric

Pink & Glass Shelf : Vintage

One Sign & E: made by me

Silver Mirror: Vintage  

Quilt: Vintage - already had

Small Vase:  Ikea

Pig Pillow: Elle's first stuffy from the hospital where she was born.

Dressing Corner:
Dressing Corner - Source List and Cost

Shelf: already had

Piggy Banks : Gifts

Large Mirror: Vintage - Painted in Sandpiper at 25%

Pink Frames: Vintage

Ellery Art: Ikea Frame - Art made by me

Canvas: From House of 3 on Etsy - already had

Dollhouse Corner:
Dollhouse Corner - Source List and Cost

Dollhouse:  Gift - originally from Target 
(painted white and I used vintage wallpapers and misc scrapbook paper) - $2

Wall Quote: Made by me (you can get the printable version HERE)

Bunting: made by me for Elle's 1st Birthday

Poodles: Vintage (from my Great- Grandmother)

Total Room Cost
(minus paint - we bought 5 gallons to do most of our house so I won't count that)
Also I won't be counting the cost of things that we already had or weren't specifically bought for this room. Much of the decor was used in her last bedroom.

$271 !!

Hot dang!

Proof of what you can do with a teeny tiny baby budget, lots of yard sale-ing, Craigslisting and DIY!!

If you have any questions about specific items feel free to ask!

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