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{Little} Girl's Room

It has been a long time coming...a little room for a little girl! And I am not exaggerating when I say "little".

                                                                  The BIG reveal!

Considering Ellery's room was the first to be painted when we bought our house back in March, it felt like her room was a never ending project. Part of it was because my energy level is about zero with this pregnancy and because almost everything in the room has been made or modified by me. Some of the stuff I already had from when I was a little girl, some was stuff I made for Averie's room and the rest came from yard sales this summer. It was also very challenging to figure out how to organize the room. It has to be the smallest room in our house and to top it off it has almost NO wall space. Each wall has either a window or a door on it so I really had to get creative- thank goodness the closet is a decent size and I didn't have to make room for a dresser!

So for the tour!

Paint color: Martha Stewart Zinc
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I felt Elle's tiny room could handle a deep rich color because of all the light that comes in from the windows and door to the deck.

The dress up area is the first to greet you when you walk into the room. I took an ugly gold yard sale mirror and spray painted it black. I hung it at her height so it acts like a full length mirror!

I also refinished the glass knob coat rack {see what it used to look like here}  so she could hang dress up items.

A free shelf repainted is a great display surface for her collection of piggy banks, jewelry, and hair flowers. 
 The two pictures are one's my sister gave Averie when she was just a baby. They are a little hard to see, but they say "une belle" and "une chaise". A coat of pink spray paint helped tie the once blue framed pictures into the room.

I made the bunting out of some of Ellery's birthday party decor. I also glued some flowers from her cupcake toppers onto a plate that I had picked up at a yard sale last year.

One of the hardest sections of the wall space is right between the closet doors and the window. Since I had to leave enough room to accommodate future curtains, I decided to use some yard sale shelves to display a pair of vintage poodles. The poodles came from my Great Grandma's house...believe it or not we found them in a shed out back stored in a ratty old box. They were pretty grimy, but in perfect shape. I love the little pink rhinestone collars! Its so nice to have them finally displayed properly!

I feel like maybe this corner is missing something, but until curtains go up I am going to hold off changing it. This is also a good view of the blankets that fit perfectly in the space. The pink one was made by Ellery's auntie and I made the damask fleece blanket for my daughter Averie. After she passed away it was put in storage, but I decided it was just what Ellery's crib needed. When I got it out for little Elle she just clung to it...and it hasn't left her grip since...which is pretty cute considering its 5 times her size! I do love that it is being used again!! {if you notice, you can see Averie using the same blanket in the black and white pic hanging from the Beautiful Sign I made}

We placed her crib on an angle opposite from the door to her room. Really it was the only option because there was no wall big enough for it. The crib skirt is a old table cloth that was left over from her birthday party. As you can see I still need to figure out how to do curtains. I'll update you when I get them done.
The chandelier was in our dining room, but the hubby and I both agreed it was way two girly for there so it was an easy decision to move it to Elle's room.

You may remember this Rocking Chair Makeover. I love how it looks against the gallery wall!

We spray painted and then mounted two similar style shelves that we got at yard sales for book ledges. (clearly I need to paint the brackets! Oops!) 
We hand to think narrow because the door out to the deck opens onto this wall.
This is my most favorite part of her room. I love the look of a gallery wall and I can't get over how the pieces all work together.

This "one sign" I made for Ellery's first birthday!

Hand painted sign that I made last year for an auction, but then decided I loved too much to sell...its hard to see the colors, but they are white and pink.

This cross-stitch is one my Grandma made me when I was a baby. I framed it and added the lace trim and hand stitching. I placed it between to pieces of glass so the wall color would act as matte. The frame was from another picture that I decided wouldn't work in her room. It used to be gold, so I spray painted it pink. The black & white plates I picked up at a yard sale as is- ribbon and all!

This grouping was really fun. I found the ugly mirrors at a yard sale this summer {see here}. Originally I painted them white, but then decided to carry the pink throughout the gallery wall. A quick coat of spray paint and a bit of sanding made the mirrors look quite cute!
I then mounted a letter E that I made for Elle's birthday right over top of a fabric stretched canvas frame...I actually hung the fabric first and then put a nail thru it to hang the E. I used another one of the fabric frames on the entry way shelf...both I have hauled around for several years now.

The "Ellery" sign is another reuse from her birthday party. I just printed on card stock and used the famous Ikea frame. The pink shelf I have had since high school. It was originally lime green, but again the pink spray paint worked wonders to make it fit with the new color scheme.
The silver mirror was a yard sale find...I loved its patina and left it as-is!

That brings us back to the view of the entry can also see in this picture that the closet doors need to be painted or stained to match the room. We haven't decided what we are doing in the rest of the house yet so they will have to wait for awhile. Anyone ever refinished wood hollow core doors?? yea, either.

So what do you think of this "little" room? I think its big impact for such a little space and I am happy that it finally has come together!!

Here is a quick break down of what this room cost:

1 Gallon Paint- $25
1 can High Gloss Gel trim paint - $20
Crib- {baby shower gift}
Rocking Chair - {gift}
Footstool- $2
Ikea rug- {already had}
Chandelier {free}
Large shelf- {free}
Black & White plates- $1
Set of 3 mirrors- $1
Silver mirror- $2
Book ledges- $1.50 + brackets $2
Black mirror- $2
Reclaimed wood signs- {free} + a little craft paint I had on hand.
Glass knob coat rack- {free}
1 can pink spray paint- $4.50
1 can black spray paint- $4.50

Project Total:

Thanks for taking the tour! I will be sure to update this post when we get the curtains up- I know you will all be waiting!


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