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...the happenings around here...

last week totally got by me and I feel like I am just getting myself together.

Growing-a tiny human is exhausting and my "to do" list keeps growing, plus I spent most of the week on our taxes, which meant very little time for blogging. 
They are done now (THANK GOODNESS!!)

So, today I am making myself be productive.

on my list...

-editing a back log of photos
-redoing a stool
-ordering my Valentine's present from my hubby ( yes, you read that correctly)...
-prepping for Ellery's 3rd birthday party... 

So far I have ordered a canvas of this photo from Elle's first dance class
(totally taking advantage of a $10 off coupon thru Costco)

if you follow me on Instagram , you might have seen it already.

I'm a huge fan of party decorations that can be reused and this will probably end up in her room.

Can you guess the theme of the party?

She's been helping me pin ideas- mostly tutus, sparkles and ballerinas!

Should have a few more fun posts as the week goes on, be sure to follow me so you don't miss any of it!

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