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Jello Dyed Easter Eggs {tutorial}

Apparently I don't own food coloring...
...that means, I will be using this technique again... only with a new flavor Jell-O ( that I have had in my pantry going on 2 plus years...) 

P.S. This also smells LOTS better than a regular ol' dye kit. 
Not to mention, a super easy last-minute solution! 

Tutorial on how to dye eggs using Jell-O

It has happened to ALL of us at some point.

Go to make Easter Eggs and low and forgot to buy a dye kit...or you happen to be out of food coloring. It just happened to me too. I didn't think it justified a trip to the grocery store and I was about to scrap egg dying all together (a 2 year old wouldn't ever know, right?), but my mommy brain decided making memories was still important, so I looked around my house and spied some Jell-O already open from making pink popcorn.

Using Jell-O for Easter Egg

they look pretty colorful, they might work!

1 Package Jell-O
2 cups water
2 Tablespoons vinegar

Mix together.
Heat on stove till Jell-O dissolves.  Ready to dye!

I used one flavor/color- Raspberry, because it was open and I wanted to keep the experience simple for Ellery. If you want multiple colors, warm up a big batch of water & vinegar and  pour into separate bowls.You could then add several tablespoons of various colors to each bowl. I saw a tip once to put an egg in a whisk for smaller children to avoid breaking eggs...
Water + Vinegar + Jell-O for dyed eggs
Use a whisk to help kids dye eggs without breaking them
Egg in whisk  to dye eggs
Using Jell-O to dye Easter Eggs
The whisk worked great!!
(Ever is clearly THRILLED by this experience...and yes I know he is in his seat thingy on the table, I don't condone this act, but I was right there, and the table is huge, and his thighs are so chubby it usually takes two of us to pop him ignore it.)
To achieve the "ombre" effect, gradually decrease the time you let the eggs soak in the dye. This happened on accident for us. Elle was patient with the first few eggs, but discovered it was more fun to switch the eggs in and out of the whisk. 
Tutorial on using Jell-O to dye Easter Eggs

Achieve an ombre effect using Jell-O
They came out a beautiful coral color! 
One of my favs! 
Using one color ended up working great for us and I love the monochromatic gradient effect!
Ombre Easter Eggs using Jell-O
Elle had so much fun making these!
Tutorail on how to use Jell-O to dye Easter Eggs - Eggs in Vintage Wire Basket
Ombre Eggs , Wire basket, Easter Eggs
Don't you think the eggs look super pretty in a vintage egg basket!

So don't fret if you go to dye eggs tonight and realize you don't have the right stuff, I'm sure you have packs of Jell-O stashed away!


  1. Loooooove this!!!! The pictures are totally adorable!! I seriously cracked up over the one of Everett watching the egg dyeing! So funny! They turned out so cute & love them in the vintage egg basket! Oh and love the coral color!

  2. So clever and the kids are so cute!

  3. Jello? Would never have thought of that. Thanks for the tip. The eggs turned out great; lovely way to display them too.

    Your kids are adorable!:)

  4. Oh man, your kids are sooo adorable! I love the little look on your baby boy. So cute! What a great idea! I should've seen this before I died my eggs. I'm pinning and doing next year!


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