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Curtains made from Vintage Western Fabric - sneak peek!

Guess what I FINALLY did yesterday...????

If you follow me on Instagram  ( @averielaneblog ) then you already know,...


...this girl sewed her first set of curtains!

Western room with curtains made from vintage western fabric.

I was using vintage western fabric that my father-in-law found for me so I was really afraid of screwing them up... but then I decided I wasn't going to go another day without getting them done, besides, I really wanted them finished before this weeks One Room Challenge check- in. (I totally felt like I was cheating on Ever's room if I started Ellery's...weird, I know!)

So I started measuring and cutting and letting the fabric determine what I was going to do with it. I had limited quantities and wanted full length panels, I couldn't be to particular about how big each section was.

Since I was totally winging it, I didn't bother with a tutorial, but I did reference this one a couple times Simple Simon & Co. - Tab Top Curtain Tutorial

I only had one "make it work" moment, when I saw this on my fabric...

Burn mark on curtain fabric - before

Yes, that would be a burn (?) mark...smack dab in the middle of the fabric!  

I put my thinking cap on and decided I could work with the flaw...

Burn mark on fabric - patched - after

I am sort of loving the imperfection of it! 
To tie the patch into the rest of the curtains, I even added some red stitching where the panels meet. 
I'll be getting better photos soon -pardon these iPhone ones!

Curtain panel with patch

You know what this post means, right!?

Yup! Room reveal coming as soon as I can photograph everything!! Yay!

Stay tuned!!
Be sure not to miss any of it...

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