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Halloween 2013 Recap

Hope you all had a Boo-tastic Halloween!

We sure had fun!

My kids went as Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion...SO freaking cute!

I was so happy Elle was able to wear her costume from last year! 
You can read about Ellery's costume HERE
(I'm going to have to actually plan next years costumes ahead of time, since these will all be outgrown!)
Ever's costume is an old lion costume that my oldest son wore 10+ years ago.
I added the bow and army medal to complete the "cowardly lion" look! (he did get called a girl a couple times, but I assume they just don't know the Wizard of Oz as well we do- but my husband says its because I used a pink ribbon instead of red. )

Ever wasn't too sure about the whole dress up thing...
he looked like this most of the time. 
Do I get mother of the year award or what?
But seriously so cute, even if he was Mr. Grumpy Face.
My cute little trick-or-treaters! I'm totally kicking my self for forgetting her little stuffed Toto!
Oh, well, she had a blast and was probably the cutest Dorothy I saw!

Later that evening we hosted a Harvest party, combining traditions from both my family and the husbands! Chili, cinnamon rolls and counting how many trick-or-treaters we have!! 

Here's what our Halloween porch looked like...
A hodge podge of things I have collected over the years. 
No DIY this time.
It was quite spooky with all the candles lit in the dark!

Trick-or-Treater Count 2013: 
(which means I have way to much candy in the house still.)

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