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Chair Makeover: I need your help!

So I have this chair...

I LOVE this chair, but it's hiding a dirty little secret...

You're probably thinking something like, "what the heck happened to that chair!?" "Was it attacked by devil children with sharp knives?" or "you must have really BAD movers!"
Although one of those is bound to be right, I actually can't tell you the answer because I snagged this chair at a yard sale for $1.50.

Yes you read that correctly.

One dollar and fifty cents!

It is a super well made chair- heavy too, but the upholstery is just in sad shape...
really really sad shape.
I did a half-assed a repair with some hot glue (which is only holding the tear in place and by no means actually solved the problem- to salvage this upholstery I would probably need a professional.)

So instead I am going to replace it myself!
But I NEED your help to pick the fabric!!
It was so much fun to hear your input on my One Chair Three Ways Post that I thought you all might want to play along again! 

Here's are your choices...

Option 1:
I love the original look of the chair, but I would change it to a softer fabric and keep the dark nail head trim.

Option 2:
Take this chair a little bit western with a faux tooled leather and dark nail head trim.

Option 3:
Go BOLD with this amazing print ( or something similar). I love all the colors and the vintage feel of ikat fabric. I would also keep the dark nail head trim.

( all my fabric choices are from, but they are not sponsoring this post...I'm pretty sure they don't even know my blog exists...)
So what do you think?

Do you have a favorite?

Please let me know!!

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