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Crib Makeover

I first shared this crib before we up and moved to southern Idaho...I thought we would revisit it today in preparation for the big room reveal ( that I promise will happen eventually!)
Crazy what changes in a year!

Crib makeover - from ugly brown to blue

I have been desperate to get our little guy out of our room and into a crib. He had clearly outgrown the cradle and was waking himself up (and ME!) because of it. So that meant we needed to do his room makeover a little out of order.

I had pinned THIS CRIB way back when we found out we were having a boy...
cute, huh!?

I was not loving the $300+ price tag, but figured since it converted it might be worth the money. Unfortunately every time I looked at in online it was unavailable (insert sad face here). So, I did what any good DIYer/thrifter would do and searched Craigslist for a crib!
Sure enough I found this one for $100! 

Crib makeover - before

Same basic look as the one I wanted only in rougher once had a drop down side that had been fixed as part of a recall. This didn't scare me since it was super sturdy...but the parts kinda made it, well....ugly.

So I whipped out a can of mistint "oops" paint (originally I planned on using it on the walls in his room), made up some chalk paint and when to town painting it. 

After it was painted I roughed up the paint to give it the vintage feel you know I love. I only had one minor mishap in the painting process...

FYI, you can not stain over chalk paint...(my husband even warned me...)...ick...

(this was the ONLY nice day we've had so far this spring and
 I used it to my just happened to be Easter that day too!)

We skipped the stain and sealed it with a Rust-Oleum 2x Painter's Touch Satin Clear Spray...I wanted a durable surface and wasn't about to take the time to hand wax all those slats! It took 4 cans to cover the whole crib...including the back. We let it air out for a couple days before moving into the babies room.

Here's the finished product! 

Chalk Painted Crib in blue

Not bad, eh!?

Crib Makeover using chalk paint

Loving the blue which clearly would not have worked for a wall color! I'd say I dodged a bullet with that one! As you can see, his room is blue and blue and more blue right now... 

Crib makeover using homemade chalk paint

Have no fear! That will definitely be changing...remember I said we are doing things out of order...paint is next on the list! Probably something along this line...I also have some mistint options I need to test out...

After I figure out the wall color, I might go over the paint with some stain to darken it up. Right now tho I like the almost yellow color coming thru. Not every day you see a blue crib!

Close of leg detail on crib

I'm also super thrilled that I finally get to use the crib sheet my sister made me! Rustic cowboy and not too cutesie!
Chalk Paint + Western Sheet + Horse

We stole the little horse from big sister....a little cowboy needs a horse now don't you know.

Distressed blue crib makeover

 One more look at the before & after...

Crib - Afer

HUGE change and just right for my little buck-a-roo!

Project total:
Paint- Free from my stash
Clear Coat- $15

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  1. Sooooooooooooo cute!!!!! I love the blue color! The crib sheet looks so awesome next to the blue of the crib!

    1. I am in love with the sheet! I can't wait to get the room conpleted!

  2. So fabulous, Amber! I love the blue, especially!!

  3. Very cute crib makeover! Nice price tag too!
    xoxo Carly
    Happy weekend!

  4. Oh! So excited you stopped by! Thank you!

  5. You worked wonders on that thing!! It looks AHHHH-Mazing!! :) So glad you linked up. :)

    1. Thanl you for taking the time to check out my crib makeover!

  6. You worked wonders on that thing! It looks AHHHH-Mazing! So happy you linked up! ;)

  7. oh this is AWESOME! what a great job. love the distressed look. found you on i should be mopping the floor linky party; i posted a "tour" of my baby girls nursery! love, love, love your crib!

  8. I am so seriously in love with this crib! Way to go for stepping out of the box!

  9. Wow! I am completely in love with this crib makeover! What an AWESOME job!

    Jen @

  10. Love the finish on this crib, it's so cool. Looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing on our Brag About It! We appreciate it. Come back soon. All the best ~ Sharon and Denise


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