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Belly Tales {4 months}

Yesterday was Pi Day
- yes, I had pie...well, I had a caramel apple empanada from Taco Bell...that's kinda like a pie right?
 It was also my little man's 4 month birthday!
What a little stinker...I don't know who he thinks he is growing up so fast like this...

 blue eyes...and bubbles...

chubby belly...
most cutest little boy face in the house....

and such a ham!! haha! How I adore this kid!
He is trying to sit up, loves to chit chat, and although he is still wanting to eat every couple hours at night, but I am hoping to introduce some cereal this next week to see if that helps...mommy needs some sleep!! 

{0-4 months comparisons}
Can I offer some advice? Try and crop photos all to a consistent'll save you lots of headaches. Also try and take pictures from the same position location to make your images look similar. Very frustrating trying to get these all to look good together, but hey! I'm learning, right!


  1. He is just sooooo adorable!!! I love his blue eyes.. I can't believe his getting so big, it goes so fast,,,,hopefully you will get to introduce cereal soon so you can get some sleep...

  2. I love all the pictures!

  3. Hi! Love the pics, your son is so cute! Our babies were born the same day! My son was also 7lbs and his twin sis was 5'12! I'll be checking out your party next week!
    xoxo Carly @

    1. Awe! Thank you! I started following your blog! Your babies are so cute!

  4. He's gorgeous! I love how you're taking these photos. Such a clever mommy ;)


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