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2 year birthday!

Little Miss Ellery turned 2!
 Sure its taken me a month to do a post about it, but have you tired to keep up with a 2 year old lately? Exhausting!!! I also can't seem to get her to sit still for pictures...unlike her little brother, but thankfully my sister was able to capture some super cute pics of  Elle on her birthday! 

She picked an ice cream cake out and daddy found the Jessie & Bulls-eye toys to use as cake toppers. She LOVED it! 
She got lots of super cute clothes from my family, but the big gift of the day was her Kindle...I know! Who gives a 2 year old a Kindle? 
Guess that would be us.
It was a big hit!
I'm amazed by how quickly she learned how to work it! 
The cousins seemed to be a little jealous...but no worries, our feisty little girl knows how to hold her ground. 
Ellery is 2 and is...
 ...already almost potty trained, 
counting to 5, 
is putting sentences together,
loves "talkie" (coffee) in her milk,
knows most her colors,
 has mastered some yoga moves, 
loves to help mommy in the kitchen,
 is very good big sister 
pretty much has mommy & daddy wrapped around her pretty little fingers!
Happy Birthday sweet girl! 
You are God's precious gift that I LOVE soooooooo much!

A little 1 to 2 year comparison:

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