a {Lucky} Mantel + Shamrock Art Tutorial

Its your LUCKY day! 
Just in time for St. Patty's day! A quick little DIY art project!

 I apparently don't own St. Patrick's Day decor...
so I made myself some.

I saw this pin on Pinterest :

I looked through my scrap bin and found some pieces of brown and green burlap.

I then cut out a shape that resembled the one in the above photo and traced it onto the green burlap. Cutting out four "leaves".
I then threaded a large needle with twine and strung the leaves together. I then pulled it closed and it gathered the leaves. 

Once I got a shape I was happy with, I used hot glue to attach it to my brown burlap. 
I then cut a "stem" shape out and hot glued it on too.

I couldn't figure out how to hang the burlap, but decided to mount it to a piece of cardboard for stability. I just hot glued my twine to the back.
All finished! 

This project took me all of half an hour. 
I am pretty sure it took me longer to gather and arrange all the green items for the mantel!

I do love to celebrate the wee bit o' Irish in me! 

I would love to see your version of this!! Leave me a comment with a link!

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