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Liebster Award!!

I just found out that I was nominated for the Liebster Award!!

The Liebster Blog Award is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers who have less than 200 followers or have been blogging for less than six months. Its to show newer bloggers that they are appreciated and to help spread the word about new blogs! 

I was nominated by the lovely Jamie from Better With Age ! ( isn't she the sweetest!)

So here are the guidelines:

1. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions your nominator created for you.
3. Create 11 new questions of your own for the people you nominate.
4. Choose 11 new blogs you love and link them in your post.
5. Please leave me a comment on this post with the URL to your Liebster Post so I can read your answers!

Lets Start!

My 11 Random Things:

1. I am the "middlest" daughter out of 3.
2. I wrestled in Jr. High.
3. I'm 5'9" and hate shopping for jeans 
4. I met my husband on the Jr. High wrestling team, we did track together thru high school, but we didn't go on our first date till 10 years after we graduated. ( he says I was to good for him back then)
5. I love walking and try to do it everyday.
6. I can draw- I started saving my best stuff in 3rd grade
7. My husband and I are part owners in a pig farm. New piglets are due any day!
8. I know where every Dairy Queen is between my house and my moms. ( You know you can pass a drive test once you've learned to eat a Blizzard while driving.)
9. I have a huge collection of Corelle Butterfly dishes passed down from my grandma's. They are my every day dishes and are better then plastic for kids!
10. My favorite animals are cows. I love to paint them, photograph them and eat them. ( TMI?)
11. I have four kids, but two of them passed away from a mitochondrial disease called Alpers. Lane passed away in 2005, just before he turned 3 and Averie passed away in 2011, age 7. They are my little angels and I miss them more than anything!

Questions for Me:

1. What do I do other than Blog?
...ha..well...blogging is an all consuming not really, but when I'm not blogging( which is 90% of the time) I'm a stay-at-home mom to my two little munchkins. When I am not doing the mommy thing, you will find me painting signs for my Etsy clients and working on my own projects around the house. I usually sneak my blogging in during nap time when if I can get the kids down at the same time!

2. If you had an entire day all to yourself {no husband or kids}, what would you do?
SLEEP until I couldn't sleep no more, well at least that's what I would start off trying to do, but I can guarantee I wouldn't be sleeping much because my mind wouldn't let me. I would just lay there thinking about all the things I could be getting done while everyone was away. Eventually I'd give in and get to work on whatever my latest project was... I know...maybe there is something wrong with me? No dreams of pampering or shopping trips for this girl.

3. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Cowboy Boots...I am always looking for new or vintage boots...I own more than I wear, but I love them. Luckily for my husband I am really good at not spending money on frivolous things, because there are times I have considered not eating so I can spend my money on boots. 

4. What is your favorite room in your house and why?
I would have to say our office...its incredible. My husband built a huge desk out of reclaimed lumber. I have storage for all my crafting, sewing and painting supplies plus all those regular office things. Even when it gets cluttered up with project stuff I can have it looking pretty spiffy within a few minutes because everything has a place to live. The computer has a dedicated spot and I have space to set up my sewing machine. The room also houses our collection of books. Most are stored in an old bookcase that my husbands grandpa built. I always dreamed of a room like this and my hubby made that dream come true!  I will be doing a blog post featuring it soon I promise! 

5. Do you like wine? Or chocolate? Both?
Yes and Yes! I love wine...I love good cheap  inexpensive wine the best...there is such a thing I promise. My most favorite is an Idaho wine called St.Chapelle Soft Rose. Its so so so good! As for chocolate...any kind any time ( within moderation, of course!) I am guilty of putting semi-sweet chocolate chips in my cherry yogurt...gasp!

6. What is your favorite all-time movie?
Anne of Green Gables Series...I will watch them over and over and over and over. I love movies  so its really hard to narrow it down to an all-time fav, but for some reason that series gets me every time. I use to watch it on sick days home from school and would dream of living like Anne. 

7. What is your favorite all-time book you have read?
Now there is a tough one, because I read a lot, but I will have to say that I was totally impressed by the Hunger Games Series. Couldn't put the books down and was really sad when I finished them. I even pinned a link to a Book List to Cure Your Hunger Games Hangover...yea...pretty great book series!

8.Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?
I was born in Southern Idaho and lived there until 4th grade. I then moved to Western Washington where I finished out high school. After many many moves I ended up back in Idaho, only now I live in the Northern part in a cute little touristy town called Sandpoint.

9.What kind of personality or what type of person are you?
Ooooo! a good one...I am ambitious, but only if what I am workingon doesn't totally bore me. I am right brained so I'm always trying to create beautiful things. I'm a procrastinator, but I always finish things on time. I love to talk, but I'm only good at it with a few certain people. By nature I'm pretty shy and have to work hard to get to know people. I love my family and would rather spend time with them over anything else.

10. Describe a little bit about your dream home.
My dream is to live in an old( or made to look old) barn type house. I love the lofty ceilings and exposed beams, but I want my rooms to feel cozy and comfortable. I love western influences, but I don't want my house to have a theme. I love whites, creams, tans and grays with pops of color mixed in. I want wide plank pine floors and a farmhouse sink. I want lots of outdoor living spaces, a cottage style garden and a huge shop for my many projects. 

11. Who is your favorite interior designer or decorator or blogger?
I'm obsessed with the show Rehab Addict with Nicole Curtis! She does the most amazing things with old houses! I love how she restores them and how thrifty she is in the process. If only I had the knowledge, time and know-how to be like her! I also have to say that I am lucky enough to be raised by a mom who is a great decorator! She's not a professional by any means, but her house is cozy and beautiful!

The 11 Blogs I nominate:

11 Questions for My Nominees to Answer
1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Whats your favorite part about blogging?
3. Do you have a favorite place to thrift/shop?
4. What do you wish you knew more about? ( photography? web design? upholstery?)
5. What is your favorite item in your house?
6. What do you do when your not blogging? ( activities?)
7. Whats your best yard sale/ thrift store find?
8. Do you have a talent? What is it?
9. What inspires you on a daily basis?
10. Do you have a favorite blog? Why do you like it?
11. What is your favorite pattern? (stripes? chevron? damask? ikat?)

Wow! It only took me two days to write this post! Can't wait to read the answers from the nominated blogs! Be sure to leave me the link to your Liebster Post in the comments!


  1. YAY! How fun...and thank you! I will be working on this tonight!


  2. Amber,
    My heart goes out to you about your babies. I can't even begin to imagine.

  3. That's awesome that you can draw!! I'd sleep too if I had a day off but I probably would start organizing stuff or something and waste my day LOL

  4. Thank you for the nomination!!! I'm going to add it to a previous post I did on the Liebster with your info! :)

  5. - here's the update! You are so sweet!!!

  6. Thanks again for nominating me, Amber! Here's my post:

  7. Thanks for the Nomination!!! My response is up on my bloggity blog!!!


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