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a {Valentine} mantel Part II

I am loving all the crafty Valentine mantels floating around the web lately! So today I thought I would share my sister's super adorable Valentine decor! I'm incredibly jealous of its sweetness! 

LOVE Wreath
Inspired by this: MyCupRunnethOver
To create this wreath, she used a grapevine wreath that she already had, tucked in the flowers and hot glued scrapbook letters to the bunting! Love!!

Seashell Heart Framed Art
 Inspired from Sand and Sisal
She hot glued shells to a piece of scrapbook paper! So easy and cute! I just love the mason jar full of shells and pretty roses!! 

Adorable Burlap and Vintage Fabric Banner

My sister used spray adhesive to attach the fabric scrap hearts to the burlap squares. She then cut slits in the burlap to run ribbon thru! All her fabric scraps come from the super cute pillowcase dresses she makes! 

Thanks Marissa for sharing with us!

Be sure to check out the original links and share the Love! 


  1. I love it!! Thank you for putting this on your blog! <3

  2. Hi Ladies! Thanks so much for feeling inspired by my wreath! I made it with a bunch of ladies on our craft night and had so much fun! ~Hugs,Cheryl


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