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Belly Tales {3 months}

Not only is today Valentine's Day, but is also Everett's 3 month birthday!! I'm so lucky to have this little man in my life! We all love him so much...even if he only does one of three things...laugh, cry or eat! Haha! He's going by several nicknames lately...I tend to call him Ever-since Everett seems too old for him and it is an old family name that I have always wanted to use. Justin calls him "bubi" because he says Everett isn't big enough to be called "bubba"! Haha! I prefer Bubi anyways and its so cute when Ellery calls him that. My grandma has her own special nickname for him, her brother's name is Everett as well, but they always called him Dib, so she gave our Everett the name "Lil Dib"! I love it too!

 I set up his 3 month photo shoot a bit different this time...using my collection of old tool boxes for the backdrop. I'm still learning, but these are my best yet...course, it could just be the totally adorable subject matter!!

Sister sneaking in for kisses...notice the big girl undies! Not even 2 and almost completely potty trained!  

Some comparisons over the last couple months....

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  1. He is so handsome Amber! Love your little set up and that chevron blanket is beautiful! xo


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