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Burp Cloths Part III {sewing}

I have been on a roll sewing sets of burp cloths as gifts lately! I just love making them...they are easy, fast and so darn cute! I am especially in love with the appliqued initials I have been adding! I think everyone loves a personalized gift when its pretty and functional! I already talked about how to sew a basic burp clothes HERE, so today I thought I would walk you through how I add the applique. Keep in mind this is how I do it-as a beginner sewer- so it may not technically the "right" way, but it works for me!

What you will need:
Heat and Bond
Carbon Paper
Sewing machine

Step 1:
Print the letter you want to use out on a regular sheet of paper. Most printers have the option to print the MIRROR IMAGE. Do this( this isn't necessary on certain letters that look the same front and back- Like my letter T)

Trace your letter using carbon paper onto the paper side of Heat and Bond.

Step 2:
Adhere the Heat and Bond to the WRONG side of the fabric ( Following package instructions ) 

Step 3:
After the fabric cools, cut out the letter and peel off paper backing. Position on the fabric you will be appliqueing. Follow Heat and Bond instructions.

Step 4:
Using a zig zag stitch, sew along edges of your letter. I love using a contrasting thread, but its not as forgiving and will make mistakes more evident. To hide minor imperfections use a color that matches the fabric.

{I totally forgot to do my applique BEFORE I sewed my burp clothes together. Luckily because my T looked the same front and back I was was able to do my zig zag stitch thru both layers} AVOID this if you have a letter like "s, e, j, r..etc...because it will be facing the wrong way on the reverse side!

Step 5:
Sew your burp clothes together- see my last post for instructions!
Burp Clothes Part II

Step 6: 
Package up all cute to give as a gift! Easy peasy!


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