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Burlap and Sweater Stocking {tutorial}

I am super duper excited to be linking up with Naptime Creations today in her "A Crafty Christmas" Blog tour! I'm part of the Gifts/Wrapping - Sewing , so I decided to dust off an old post, take some new pictures and share with you what I feel is the ultimate in gift wrapping- THE STOCKING!
Seriously, its the FIRST thing most kids open up on Christmas least that's how it was when I was growing up...and then we would wait and wait and wait until our parents got up so we could open everything else! 

I decided to make this stocking last year for newborn baby Ever. Despite searching high and low, I didn't seem to like any of the mass produced stockings, so I decided to make one myself!

Here's a quick tutorial on how to sew a stocking!


Step 1:
Using an existing stocking as a template, trace a line about 1 inch bigger than the stocking onto the burlap (probably overkill, but I wanted a generous sized stocking!) I doubled up my burlap so that when I cut out the stocking shape my two pieces would be exactly the same. Once cut sewa 1/4 inch seam around  the two pieces of burlap, leaving the top open. I trimmed off any extra burlap after stitching so the rounded edges would turn more easily. Turn right side out.

Step 2:
Using a piece of a sweater, sew it into a tube the same width as the stocking. I just laid it on top of the stocking and marked where I needed to sew.

Step 3:
This is probably the hardest step. Especially if you have a sweater with button detail like mine that needs to end up on the outside. I stuffed my sweater tube into the inside of the stocking- upside down and inside out ( I believe) . If your sweater is the same on both sides then just insert tube inside stocking. Pin evenly and then sew the two layers together- carefully so that you can still open the stocking. If this step is totally confusing you, let me know in the comments section. After sewing you will pull the tube back out and fold over the stocking- like rolling down a sock. ( now I might be confusing myself - oy!!)

Step 4:
At this point your stocking could be done, but in my case I wanted to add personalized "e". I cut a square piece of burlap and traced on my "e". I then painted it on with acrylic paint. After it was dry, I hot glued to the main stocking.
Step 5:
Sew a burlap or twine loop into the inside of the stocking for hanging! And you are all done!

Hot dang that's good looking!
I would even dare to say you can't tell the difference between mine and the store bought one 
(at least from here *wink*wink*)
(haha, photo bombed my Miss Elle!)
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 I love knowing Ever will have this for a long long time! Just like I have the one my mom made me! 
Now get busy and sew yourself a stocking...
 I will be sewing another one this weekend for my darling baby cousin! 
Pics to come!

Thanks to Emily for letting me share today! 

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