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Yard Sale Tales {week 11}

 Happy October 1st everyone!! Its finally feeling like fall here in N. Idaho and I love it! It means we are getting closer to the arrival of our little guy ... under two months to go! Sadly it also means a wrap up of yard sale season. Which is probably a good thing around here{we have PLENTY of projects to keep us going all winter!}. That said, we did manage at least one last haul!

I really wasn't looking for anything in particular, but we came across some good stuff. The biggest find were the shutters, we picked up 4 pairs and a single for $22! I normally don't see shutters and usually if I do they are a little pricier. These are going to get makeovers and be part of my first craft show! I have several ideas for the shutters and can't wait to show what I do! We also picked up a box of wall sconce lights for $5- there were two different sets, three of one style and two of another. I am crossing my fingers that at least two work in Ellery's room, because the last ones I bought sure didn't. I like these ones way way way better anyway and I can sell the ones we don't use and make my money back on them.

I also snagged this ugly gold frame for free! It too will be getting made over for the craft show!
The belt is for me... it is made out of layers of a shell like material...almost like scales...and is stretchy, which is a bonus!!  I am pretty sure it is vintage...or at least the dry cleaners tag on it is!
Sometimes I find things that totally crack me this case it was this creepy baby! Haha! Its actually a poseable store display mannequin. I found it for $5, which I didn't know was a screaming good deal until I looked up what they cost new( $50 and up!). The creepy baby will actually go live with my sister- she makes the cutest dresses, but only has a little boy to act as her model..which you can imagine doesn't work very well!  
I also found a car seat cover for $1! Nice find considering we will be having a baby in the middle of winter!

I also found some beautiful vintage pillowcases/sheet sets, some vintage ribbon and a whole bag of clothes pins for $4 total! I am racking my brain on how to use the ribbon...I'm thinking it might work to embellish Ellery's curtains...  if I have enough. I also can't wait to see what my sister can do with the pillowcases! I will be doing a post soon featuring her beautiful pillowcase dresses!


  1. You got fabulous stuff!! It just amazes me at the stuff you are able to find! Like the creepy baby..LOL!!! It cracks me up too! It will be fun to use though! Love the belt you got! I want it! :0) Also love the linens..i'm already picturing some cute dresses from it! I love the ribbon too...i will use it if you dont find a use for it! Haha!! :0)

    1. Marissa, you're hilarious! Love you!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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