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Yard Sale Tales {week 8}

My oh, my! This post is over a week past due...I don't think I got the car totally unloaded until Friday! Hows that for being worn out by two long drives to Western Washington in two weeks! Add in the heat and pregnancy fatigue..and you guessed it, I was one worn out mama! But no worries! I you will be caught up by the end of the week, BEFORE our next yard sale outing! Promise!

We got a good amount of stuff...and its not all of it! I think we still have a couple chairs at my moms house that didn't fit! Oops...for the future only buy what fits in the car!!
As you can see we got a varied mix of stuff. We were yard-saling in Kalama and Longview, Wa...I love when we can hit up a new area. Seems that the pickings are always more fun.

 I love the old was one of three that I got for $1 EACH!  The piano bench I got for $2- its going to be Ellery's desk in the new office. It needs a new top and a paint job, but is the perfect size!

I'm starting to collect things for the babies room...these frames will fit nicely...I love the finish on them, but don't know if it will work with the color scheme I'm considering, but for a couple dollars I can afford to paint them if I choose. We also found these cute suede riding boots for Miss Elle! Can't wait for fall weather for her to wear them!! Eek! Adorable!!

This little grouping is mostly my husbands fault! He found all these turquoise items for a $1 each! We actually don't really own anything in this color, we mostly have yellow and green kitchen tools..even so, these are a nice bright addition to the kitchen. Plus since he loves the color, we'll make it work! He also found the beer mugs..FOR FREE! He really wanted some frosty mugs for beer. I have been saying no ( because the idea gives me goose bumps!), but you can't argue free...shoot!
I also found this belt buckle for a couple I just need a belt and a waistline!

We picked up several fun hardback books and a vintage copy of Better Homes New Cook Book- this one happens to be just like my moms! The Little Fellow is super cute and super horrible all at the same of the characters is a black stable boy named Whitey...yea... he doesn't exactly use 'proper' English if you know what I mean? Definitely a little piece of history from the 40's. The Elsie Dinsmore was a pretty popular book series in the early 1900's. This one was given to the recipient on Christmas day neat is that!

Lastly I picked up this might guess my plan for it by now? Yup, planning on sanding it down and painting it to match my house!

Not pictured are several dining chairs, some brackets for closet shelves and a super nice REI Child Carrier Back Pack that we scored for $35! It is brand new! Probably will test it out this week when the hubby takes us up to scout for elk!
Thats it for today!

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