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Childs Rocking Chair and Stool {before & after}

This crazy heat has wiped me out the last few days, but I did manage to complete a project on my to-do list!

I started out with this ....

....a not so cute stool from a yard sale & and a cute,
but in the wrong color, rocking chair.

Since this chair and stool will be going in Ellery's room, I decided to try and paint them using a recipe for 'Chalk Paint' I found on Pinterest...

1 cup flat latex paint
2 tbsp of unsanded grout
+ water

I'm not sure if the recipe I found had the right proportions of first batch was uber gritty and not very pretty in any sense of the word. I went ahead and painted everything out with it anyways- figuring it would sand least I hoped...I was pretty scared at this point!

The second coat of paint I mixed differently. I first mixed the grout and water together to dissolve it and then added my paint. I think that is the way to go, but I still had problems with the paint becoming very very thick. I think I was using too much grout...or maybe that is just how it is suppose to be?? Heck if I know, but at least this coat went on smoother, I just had to keep adding water to keep it a paintable consistency.

After the second coat I sanded down both pieces and distressed them to my liking. Even if I had messed up the paint it still sanded amazing and left a very soft surface. I think it was definitely worth the effort and I am happy I didn't have to prime in the beginning.

The third step is using a Finishing Wax as a sealer. It also provides a nice matte shine to the furniture. I used a Wax for light wood. It was a super easy to rub on, but I accidentally let mine dry for a couple hours( instead of the 20mins recommended), so it was a pain to buff out...oops! The buffing is what gives it a sheen...pretty, but in this case hard to achieve in all those nooks and crannies. Plus since it had dried too long it had a kind of yellowish tint in some places. I think if I had a weighted buffing tool or an electric buffer these would have come out easily...instead I was using my good ol' arm strength. Lol..hey, it ended up being a good arm exercise!

And look at the results...

I also recovered the cushion on the stool using fabric left over from Ellery's birthday party- a very pale pink.

and finished the inside with some felt and lace to have it all complete!

I am toying with the idea of embroidering or painting her name on the cushion..yes? no?
Hubby votes for leaving it simple...
What do you think?

 I can't wait to show you what it look like when her room gets done...which I hope is soon!!!
I think it turned out just wonderful!

{before & after}

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