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Yard Sale Tales {week 9}

Have you ever had bad yard sale ju-ju? Last weekend, we did.

We hit all the sales in town on Friday and came up empty handed. That is so rare, but literally we got nothing! To add to the frustration, I found the perfect table and set of 4 chairs for our dining room! They needed a ton of help...crappy paint job and rush seats that were sorta moldy and gross. The sale was advertised (and girls kept reminding everyone) that the sale was 'donation only'...I asked if they would take $10 for all four chairs. They agreed. Then I saw the table and asked if it was for sale too...well, that turned everything into a tisy...apparently the table was for sale, but not that sale, it was part of the sale that was going on right in the same yard, but was NOT part of the donation sale. Oh, geeze... anyways, it ended up that the chairs were also part of the 'other' sale. The lady running it was very rude and acted like I should know the chairs were worth way more than $10- she even thought I was paying $10, no, just $10. She then asked the other lady who was actually trying to sell the table and they both agreed the whole set could go for $150....ummm, no again. So it ended up I didn't get the chairs or the table. I might have paid  $50 for all, but for the work that needed done it was so not worth my effort at $150!

Moving on to Saturday sales,...I had the fabulous idea to drive the 45 mins to Bonners Ferry for a HUGE sale at the fairgrounds. We get less than a block from the sale and what-do-you-know? FLAT TIRE!! Seriously??? What the heck is going on here!! So thankfully the hubby was able to put on the spare and we continued to the sale,...which was pretty much a bust other than two pairs of brand new kids cowboy boots that we scored for $2..not terribly bad. I thought our luck might be changing, but it ended up our only other purchase in town was a horse book for 10 cents.

 We didn't hit a decent sale until we turned off onto middle of nowhere road and found a little gem of a sale. We found the Coors Beer ad, two wooden boxes and an metal ammo box all for just $10!
Both Justin and I are thinking the cowboy needs to live in the new you think a beer ad in a baby's room is appropriate?

The entire rest of the day went pretty much like the rest of the weekend...nothing. We went back through Sandpoint to hit the new sales with no luck.We decided to call it a day and were almost home when we spotted a sale just before our road. It was HUGE and the people were hilarious! They really wanted stuff gone and there was tons to see so we wandered for a good 30 mins or so. We happily left with the old frame, the metal gas can, a yard of green burlap and a vintage Christmas tree topper all for just $4!!

So it wasn't the best weekend...we did only spend $16.10, but if you add in the car tires we were well into the several hundred dollar range.

I'm hoping the bad ju-ju doesn't come back, just to ensure it we are skipping the sales this weekend and instead holding our own. Maybe we can clear out the garage and earn some $$$ for the rest of yard sale season!

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