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Yard Sale Tales {week 7}

What a weekend worth of yard sales!
I broke the pricing up into smaller groups since this weekend haul was uber fantastic!

We started the yard sale weekend on Friday during my hubby's lunch break {his idea! how I love him!}
We had an hour to spend and managed to hit almost all the sales in town. Our only purchases came from a sale to benefit the Life Choices Pregnancy Center here in town. It is always awesome to get to support something so wonderful and get great deals in the process! We picked up the book shelf for our office, a cute pair of kids sunglasses{which have already disappeared into the toy bin} and I a cute woven belt- total $6. Later the same day we loaded up the car and headed for Enumclaw!

 The next morning we resumed with the yard sales after breakfast and coffee with our wonderful friends! Lucky for us they love to yard sale too! It was pretty fun to caravan around town snatching up the deals!

The first stop we picked up the dresser and the wall cabinet for $11.
I also snagged another wooden sign for a is a super cute Winnie the Pooh quote, but not really my style. I have no intention of keeping it as is...why would should know by now that I can't leave well enough alone?

We got the old milk crate and a vintage ammo box for just $4! I think the ammo box might be the first addition to the baby's room..maybe to hide diapers and wipes???

Speaking of baby's room...I couldn't pass up these two things! ADORABLE!! Love that I can buy little boy clothes again! Not that I will probably need too...I've got some pretty stylish nephews with lots of hand-me-downs!

We also got Ellery the cute little Carters boots for $1 and the little belt buckle & belt for another $1!
The white woven belt is the one I found in Sandpoint on Friday- I ended up wearing it for the photo shoot we did while in Enumclaw!

We managed to even hit some yard sales on our way home Sunday. Its always amazing what a couple quarters will get you! We got the drink shaker and the oven thermometer for 50 cents EACH! The green glass jar and a hose hanger (way back up in the first picture) were each just $1!

Keep in mind that almost all of this fit into our little Ford Focus with our luggage and a baby! haha!! If I would've had more space who knows what else I would have come home with!! My husband told me to stop looking at anything big!!

Total for the weekend = $28!!

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