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Thank You {before & after}

Most often when we make the trip to Western Washington its because Justin has to work. I usually  get to see my sisters and parents, but we rarely get to see anyone else. This last weekend was an exception to that norm...we drove to our hometown of Enumclaw to stay with friends and have our family pictures taken!

We spent the weekend just hanging out, hitting up the local yard sales { more on that to come!} and eating with our friends! It was so relaxing!

The real reason for the trip was for a family photo session. Last fall, when we were practically living at the hospital with our daughter Averie, we were nominated and won a family portrait session with Cari Berry Photography.( Check out her website to see all her beautiful photos!!) At the time I was in the mind frame that when Averie got better we would have our photos done. Just a few weeks later Averie passed away. It was heartbreaking to know I would never have professional photos of all my kids together- already not a possibility since Lane passed away six years before Ellery was born. I decided that we still needed to have the photos taken despite how hard it would be not having Averie with us. The photographer, Cari, made the whole process so easy! She suggested finding a way to incorporate my son and daughter into some of the pictures and she also understood how important it was to embrace what our family looks like now. I don't think I can truly write anything that captures the gratitude I have for what Cari did for us on Saturday. I feel incredibly blessed to have met her! I cannot WAIT to see the results of our session in a few weeks!

As a little thank-you for all she did- although I doubt it truly is going to be enough- I painted up a little sign for her.

Do you remember this sign from last weekends post, Yard Sale Tales {week 6}??? It was perfect makeover material!

After sanding it down I painted it with a distressed finish and hand painted on the {thank you}.
 I wasn't able to get any after pics before leaving for the weekend, but thankfully Cari posted some on her facebook!

I think it turned out adorable!


  1. Amber, you are such an amazing mommy and your love for your kids is so evident. I'm so glad that Cari got to capture some great memories of your family!

    1. It would never have happened if you hadn't nominated us....thank you for thinking of my family <3


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