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A Memory Necklace

What better way to remember my two little angels than on a necklace close to my heart? I have been wanting to buy a necklace for sometime now...pretty much since Lane passed away almost 7 years ago. I finally took the time to sit down and put one together myself. I was inspired by the many memory necklaces I have seen on Etsy, but the cost hasn't always been agreeable and/or they haven't quite captured the vintage eclectic feel I was going for. I like things to feel gathered over time...a piece here and a piece there.

That's exactly how this necklace came to be. On mother's day this year my mother-in-law gave me the three little people charms, one for each of my kiddos! They are intended to go on the Hallmark Charm bracelets( which are fabulous, by the way!), but the bracelets are hard to wear when your picking up a toddler all the time and the necklace they make only comes in 24 inch length...which on me doesn't look right. Instead I opted to make my own chain- EXTRA long- and add my own charms. I found the chain, cross pendant and angel wings at Walmart of all places! I mixed them with the Hallmark charms and ta-da! We have a necklace!

I love it!
Eventually I will have some photo pendants made, add some birthstones and maybe hand stamped name tags...but that all can wait- and evolve- because for now its perfect!


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