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Yard Sale Tales {week 6}

I must say...this post was a bit of a doozy for me! So much stuff that I can't fit it all in one post!

We took our yard sale adventures to the BIG City of Spokane on Saturday. Let me tell you it was well worth the drive!

Do you notice something about this picture....the total for this whole lot is $3...yea, you read that right. $3!!!!

Two of the three dollars was spent on this little grouping. We hit a yard sale that was having 75% off the sticker prices - that's where we found the vintage green muffin tin and the books for $1. My favorite find is the copy of Forever Amber , I already own a copy, but I can't help buying these when I find them. My great grandpa use to call me Forever Amber as a nickname when I was very little. Kinda funny considering the character in the book pretty much sleeps her way to the top of 17th century society! Never less, the book has a special place in my heart :) 

Justin snagged the little wooden cheese box at a 'drive by' sale, the lady had it in a Lot for $5, he offered her a $1 and home it came with us! Totally cute, and another testament that you never know what you'll find at even the saddest looking yard sales!

The only other thing we bought were these pie plates. I LOVE the graphics on the Cheese Cake plate, but for 50 cents a pie plate, we didn't pass up the pumpkin one either. This is probably a good thing since I don't have any pie plates....hows that possible? I didn't know that either until I went to bake a pie last week and couldn't find one!

The rest of this was FREE!

The little pair of white shelves, the girls flower coat rack and the ugly hamper{which I plan to makeover} were all tossed in for free when we bought a huge freezer for $50. Total score!

The other shelves were picked up at a friends of Justin's. We were there to pick up an playground airplane{I'll explain in another post} and her mom asked if I wanted some shelves. Never one to pass up great shelving I said sure. No cost is even better!

The last thing I snagged over the weekend was the little wooden Sweet Dreams sign. I actually found it at the local transfer station-or dump- as I call it. There is a little area called Dufort Mall where people put things that aren't really trash, but they don't use anymore, like this little sign. Although cute as-is, its got a pretty bad paint job on it, so it will be getting a makeover soon!

Not pictured in this post- the GINORMOUS freezer{$50}, the GINORMOUS airplane{free} and a Remington Print{$10} that I totally forgot about. All will be in upcoming posts!

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