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Yard Sale Tales {week 5}

So you guessed it, the first weekend home with my hubby after 3 weeks without him, we fit in some yard saling! It happened to be a pretty crudy Saturday, so there weren't that many sales to hit. I spotted this sewing pattern for just 25 cents...its not old or anything, but I am super excited to learn how to make a circle skirt for the next Lost In The 50's weekend! I'm sure Elle will thank me when she is old enough to understand!

Several of the sales were what I call "drive bys"...pretty much a sale where I am not willing to unload the baby to go look. Mostly these are sales containing baby stuff and clothing. Not on the top of my list of wants. Usually Justin will hop out and do a quick looky lou and report back anything interesting. This time at one of the drive bys he came back with 4 Corelle Salad plates..for FREEEE! Can't beat that! This matches our ever growing collection and reminds me of my grandmas when ever we use them.

I totally took these pictures over the weekend and then completely spaced out posting them! I hadn't been yard saling in three was SO HARD to be motivated to go without my besty and partner in crime- my hubby! We totally feed off of each others opinions, and not having him there to question what I am thinking just doesn't work for me. Plus...watching a one year old 24/7 with only a few grandma days here and there wore this mama out!

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