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Project Overload

Do you ever have days were you clean a whole lot of your house and make it look perfect and pretty and then decide to finish half a dozen projects since your all alone without a kid and can actually get them done? No..? Just me? Oh am I the ONLY one with a counter that looks like this a mere couple hours after cleaning them off?

Well, as you can see I do have a lot I am working on all at once, but this{surprisingly} makes me happy! I don't like mess in general, but knowing I am knocking out some projects that I have waited a long time to get done is very liberating. I hate to admit that one project on the list I started almost a year ago! I know...ridiculous!! I am normally not a procrastinator...oh, who am I kidding...I totally am, but within reason! I never miss a deadline...EVER...and believe it or not, some of my best work has been done in the race to the finish. I am finally getting into the groove of things again. Everything at the end of last year totally sucked my attention away from the things I really like to do, but now I am trying to prepare for the future and that means I got to get things done! Especially Miss Elle's room, because in just a month we will find out what the new baby is! That means I have to plan a nursery!! Seriously so excited!

Bet you can guess where most of the items in the picture are headed! Stay tuned for the FINAL REVEAL! yay!

{and I must say...I probably wouldn't be near this focused if my hubby was home...or it wasn't raining...and frankly if I was sitting here, doing nothing....all ALONE...I would be pretty instead...I DIY!}


  1. Beautiful Amber- did you freehand this or...????

    1. Oh! I will being doing a post on how I do this...I have a couple techniques depending on what surface I am woking with. Basically, I trace an outline of the letters and then paint them in by hand. Super easy!


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