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Frozen Fruit & Yogurt Bites {snack}

So after a request from an online mommy group here in Sandpoint, I decided to throw together a post about how to make a super easy and yummy snack for toddlers. My little E  likes LOVES yogurt, but at only 15 months its not something she can manage on her own. That's not to say she doesn't try, but usually the end result is a bath. So after I have saw frozen yogurt bites pinned on Pinterest I decided to give it a try. To say E liked them is an understatement...she freaking devoured them. There was a problem tho... making a batch was easy, but she could eat them so fast that they were gone before I knew it! I was then left with a crying baby wanting more and not understanding I can't make the freezer freeze any faster. Then it occurred to me that I could add in some fixings depending on what fresh or dried fruit I had on hand. It has worked out great! It has saved me from a crying baby and is actually a satisfying breakfast( served with some dry cereal), lunch (along with crackers and cheese) or snack!

I threw together this little tutorial for those visual learners like me! Forgive the cell phone pictures...I was trying to do this while little miss was wanting to be held.  I will update the photos eventually!

What You'll Need
Fresh or dried fruit( raisins, dried cranberries, strawberries, blueberries, banana..etc)
Yogurt (depending on whats on sale I will buy flavored Greek or the YoBaby whole milk yogurt...but anything works!)
Plastic baggy
wax paper
plate or cookie sheet

Step One

Space out your chosen fruit on a plate or tray lined with wax paper. I chose bananas today, since I had a ton. Cut them up in small bite size pieces...take into consideration how well you're child handles chewing. Remember these will be frozen so they won't be as easy to mush up. I like to get them as small as possible.

Step Two

Now take your yogurt (My flavor of choice was Greek Coconut) and put it into a Ziploc baggy ...I actually use bread sacks. They are right in the same section as the freezer bags and Ziplocs, but they are really cheap and easy to use...I don't feel as guilty using them and throwing them away. To fill my bag I get out a cup, stuff the bag in and fold the excess over the side- basically I have lined the cup. Then its easy to just dump the yogurt in. I then push all the yogurt to one corner and give the bag a really good tight twist, then snip of the corner and you have a homemade piping bag. I then pipe onto each piece of fruit to cover. This part is a little tricky if you want the whole fruit covered...honestly I don't worry about it, because my toddler doesn't care. I think you could probably dip each piece of fruit in the yogurt to completely cover, but I'm not about to take that time...remember I'm trying to feed an impatient toddler!

It should look like this when you are all done. If you run out of fruit to cover just make little dollops of yogurt wherever they fit. Easy!

Step Three

Pop the whole plate in the freezer for at least an hour.

Step Four

Serve to your impatiently patiently waiting toddler! Yeah...she looks so innocent doesn't she...

Was this easy to follow?! Come back and let me know what your kiddos think of these yummy bites of goodness!! Any questions? Feel free to comment!

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