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Yellow Chair {before & after}


You may remember this chair from my post Yard Sale Tales{week 2}.

 It was in pretty sad shape..rusty, bent and very unloved.


It didn't take much to spiff this little chair up. I scraped off the loose paint and took some sandpaper to it to even out any rough spots. Then it was simply a matter of picking a color. I decided this sunny yellow would be perfect! This chair will be able to move in or out of the house as needed. It took one can of semi-gloss spray paint...although it really needed two if I were concerned with painting the underside of the seat...which I might...someday. I am pretty sure this chair had a cushion at some point, I might attempt to recreate one eventually, but haven't been inspired yet.
I love how this chair looks against the house and flowers...and wait till you see it next to the new porch swing! So fun!

As you can see it might come in handy as a photo prop too!

Total project cost:

$1 chair
$4 for spray paint
I had sanpaper so no cost to me there!

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