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Yard Sale Tales {week 4}

Another great day of yard sales all around town. I think sometimes that we have our little dates going to yard sales so that we can avoid all the projects that need done at home. Lol..oh, well! I love the time with my husband and little E, getting to explore and having lunch before we call it a day. This last Saturday we were hitting up yard sales on our way north to Bonners Ferry. Our real mission was to pick up pig feed, but who can resist all those signs!

As you can see we didn't have a huge haul, but we got some adorable things! The old printers tray  was a steal at $5! The lady selling them had over thirty of these because her dad once owned a printing shop. She was so nice and even took me inside to see all the metal printer letters( not yet for sale...sad face...!) These trays can sell anywhere from $20- $75 dollars in a antique shop, so I would say we did really good. After we paid for the tray she told us to grab any book "for the baby"...I sifted through the random books and as I did I came across this adorable little reader, French Reader for Beginners. Its from the 1920's and is just absolutely the sweetest little book. My favorite thing about it are the little notes written by the owner of the book. It is a little piece of history and who knows, maybe I'll attempt to teach E some french! Oh la la!

I have to apologize for the last items...the cute white mirrors weren't so white when I bought them. In fact they were a very gaudy gold. I got them home and slapped a coat of paint on them without even getting a before shot! Sorry that you can't see how ugly they were! I saw their potential and loved that they were only $1 for the three! Nice! They don't look half bad now do they!
That's all for this week!

Oh wait! I have this cute little outtake of Miss E "helping" me set this photo shoot.

You may notice the tiny rocks that she added to the printer tray...and she kept rearranging the mirrors.
How anything gets done...I have no idea!

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