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Restoring Old Floors - Averie Lane Farmhouse

Hey Everyone!

I thought I would pop in for a short update about the farmhouse before starting on another big painting session...(oh hey, we will be in Kansas Ciry, MO for Vintage Whites Market THIS WEEKEND! yay!)

If you have been following on Instagram you might've seen that we decided to tackle the floors before moving into the farmhouse. We had a couple weeks before we needed to be out of the other house so it seemed like good timing.

I have to laugh now, because not so much! We severely underestimated what removing old flooring and restoring hardwood floors would entail! Justin got all the carpet out easy peasy, but under the tile we found another layer of tile and some other goodies like a LIVE plug in (gah!!) So. not. fun.

(btw...we assumed the black layer and tile contained 
asbestos so we took precautions to contain it safely.)

Luckily the second layer of tile was only under one 10x10 ft section of floor, but it set us back several days in our floor overhaul. You can see in the picture below that under the tile was also a patched in section of floor.

Once all the tile was safely removed, we rented all the sanding equipment from our local Home Depot. Our floors had been primed over by the previous owners so we needed to sand off the primer and level the floors. Again, we underestimated how long this would take us. We spent a day and half sanding and only accomplished the first round of sanding. We didn't even touch the corners of the rooms that will all need sanded and scraped by hand. We both knew there was no way these floors would get done before our looming moving deadline so we aborted the mission and decided we could live on them unfinished for awhile.

A fun time-lapse of Justin using the edger (which holy moly is a beast to run!)

Hey, look pretty floors!

I kinda love how the fir and oak meet up with each other. It was very common to put the fancy wood in the main living area and the less expensive wood in the private areas.

Vintage Floors - oak and fir - restoring old floors

I'm so glad we decided to stop the sanding process and move in. Sure the floors are a bit rough and there is still dust everywhere (SO MUCH DUST!), but its actually turning out to be a smart move. The floor finish I really want to do would not have happened in our time frame so we were planning on using a poly finish (which is NOT what I wanted at all) instead. I just received some samples of lye and oil to play with and will be tackling each room on its own whenever we have a break between shows. I think the combination will help marry the two types of flooring together and also keep things light and bright in the house.

Here's a short video I shot for Instagram stories that shows how the floors look and the lay of the land before we moved our crap in.

What do you think? What would you do if these were your floors?

Also, if you happen to be in Kansas City this weekend, I would love to meet you at the market. My girl crush Ree Drummond will be there Friday night too!! So fun!!

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