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Powder Room Makeover - The Before - One Room Challenge

I'm way late in the day getting up this post, and to be honest, I ALMOST skipped this round of the One Room Challenge, but in the end I just couldn't keep away. 

For those of you new to the ORC, Linda at Calling it Home, puts on a challenge twice a year. The goal? Bloggers have 6 weeks to totally transform a space. Each week we give updates and progress reports and at the end we all share our rooms a big reveal post! I have done 3 One Room Challenges daughters room, our entry and our master bedroom. Its such a rush and one of my favorite things to blog about!!

So instead of skipping it, I decided to tackle one of the worst rooms left in the house. It also happens to be the smallest room in the house....

Our powder room.

Since we are keeping it real, I have to tell you I am really embarrassed that our powder room has looked this way for over two years. Thankfully I don't have to take credit for the TERRIBLE paint color....its salmon...or is it orange? Whatever color it is, its bad...oh, and its on the ceiling too! Lovely.

The hallway got done a couple challenges ago, but would you believe that I still don't have a laundry or master bedroom door up? Ha...its only because I hated the color they got painted and I have plans to change them....lets just call it a bonus ORC project. I also get to touch up the trim from a big painters tape fail that happened a few weeks ago. Yay.

The bathroom is small like I said, but I just know it can be turned into something special.

The layout of the room won't be changing and neither will the vanity or toilet. Floors have to stay for now too, but everything else is getting the boot. Except maybe the cute vintage stool.

I put together a quick checklist so we can all keep up with my progress...

Powder Room To Do:
Remove Tile Baseboards
Add new trim
Paint pocket door
Revamp vanity
Replace mirror
replace light
New toilet paper/towel bars

Big list for a itty bitty room. I will go over more of the design details next week as I finalize my vision for the space.

Until then, head over to the One Room Challenge Linking Event to see what everyone else is up to!

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