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Elynn Coleman {birth story- part 2}

Yesterday I talked about our name choice for Elynn and today I will tell you a little about his actual arrival.

From this point on, if you are not interested in a birth story stop reading and just look at the cute baby pictures ...

You've been warned.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that this was my longest pregnancy to in I have never ever made it to my due date in my last four pregnancies. 

Until now.

My due date came and went on June 1st and I had scheduled a doctor appointment at 4:20 for that Monday.

My doc gave me the option to be induced the next day, but I had strong reservations about that. 
Primarily I hate Pitocin. 
Together we decided that he would strip my membranes to encourage labor (at this point I had 3 solid weeks of daily contractions). His guess was we would have a baby within 48 hours if it was going to work. 

I was at 3 cm when he did the stripping and almost immediately I began having contractions and felt incredibly sick. We left the office with no expectations and headed to Costco to do some grocery shopping and walk a bit. We also managed to fit in a haircut for little Ever and a walk around Gordman's. The whole time I was having contractions, but they were only every 10 mins or so. 

Finally we headed home.

We warned both our moms that the contractions were pretty regular, but neither of us thought baby would be here before the next afternoon. So both moms planned on heading our way in the morning. 

As the night went on, I tried to stay busy puttering around the house and finally decided if this kid was going to come I better get some rest. I watched the rest of a Mariners game and then we headed to bed.

I manged to sleep off and on despite getting some strong contractions now and then. I was still sure they were going to stop like they had been doing and even told my mom that I wasn't sure she need to come unless she wanted to. 

Then around 3:40 am I woke up to use the bathroom and realized I was having pretty strong contractions every 3-5 mins. I woke up my husband and had him start making calls. We had to wait for my Aunt to get to our house before we could go to the hospital which gave my husband plenty of time to take a shower and eat breakfast. 

It was kind of torturous!

Finally we headed to the hospital and were checked in by 5 am. 
I was measuring a 5 at this point and all I could think about was getting some relief from the pain. I knew I wasn't going to play super hero like I did with my last birth. 

At 6 am the epidural was in!

Sweet relief!

Well for all of 20 mins or so...

I was checked again and was at a 7 and then shortly after that I told them I could tell I was feeling lots of pressure. They checked me again and I was already at a 9. 

The doctor broke my water and after letting a couple contractions pass, I knew I was ready to push.

In less than one and half contractions we had our baby at 7:08 am!! 
After only being at the hospital two hours!

Smooth, uneventful and way quicker than we were expecting!! 

Elynn Coleman  {birth story- part 2} + newborn photosy

Elynn Coleman  {birth story- part 2} + newborn photos

Elynn Coleman  {birth story- part 2} + newborn photos

Elynn Coleman  {birth story- part 2} + newborn photos

We are so in love with this little guy!!

If you missed Part 1 - go HERE

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