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That one time when I needed to recover a chair.... like asap!

You may remember awhile back I found this amazing leather chair for $1.50 at a yard sale and asked your opinions on new fabric...

I sorta haven't done anything to it and now it is getting pushed to the back burner again because of this little thing called a baby that's about to happen. 


I only have one thing I consider essential to bringing home baby besides the obvious of a car seat and diapers....  a rocking chair.

I have been drooling over these...
$579 (source)

$1398 (source)

my husband wanted something like this...

Actually love them all - clean lines, square arms, but those prices... 


Even the least expensive one is pretty far out of our price range for now.

So after constantly browsing Craigslist and hitting up yard sales I finally found what I was looking for. 

Kind of.

Yes, this would be a Lay-Z-Boy Recliner that I scored for...

wait for it...



Three dollars and fifty cents.


The frame and mechanics are in great shape. It sort of has the clean lines I was looking for and the price was unbeatable. 

Only one really BIG problem. 

The fabric. Oh, so sad and ripped on the arms. My plan is to do some sort of slipcover-reupholstry job. 


Here are what I am thinking for fabric..
(keep in mind, this is going in our living room, not a nursery)

All are between $7 -$15 per yard and I will need approx 7 to 8 yards to cover the chair - which comes to a max of about $100. Still way under the cost of buying new!

(all my fabric choices are from  although they don't know me from Adam...)

I plan on streamlining the back cushion of the chair even more and possibly tufting it. My goal is to get rid of any appearance of "recliner". Hopefully settle on a fabric this weekend. I want to stop by our local fabric liquidators to see what they have, but I am REALLY leaning towards one of the Bella Fabrics. I have a chair in it and it cleans up so easy with kids and feels like butter!! I can picture lots of long hours nursing a baby in something like that!

What fabric do you like?

Any suggestions I might be missing?

Do I play it safe with a neutral or have some fun with one of the blues?

I would really love your thought on the subject!! 

*UPDATE* - I started writing this post Wed afternoon and then all the rest of the day I had pretty painful contractions! I think I have a couple more weeks to get this done... I think. 

Don't miss any of the action !
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