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DIY Custom Pillowcases

DIY Custom Pillowcases
These make a great handmade Christmas gift and are so super easy you could have a whole stack of them done in just a couple hours! (I don't lie, I'm still a pretty novice sewer and this was simple to master!)

Snuggle flannel fabric from Joanns
I found these fun cuddle flannel fabrics at Joann's and also tapped into my scrap fabric stash for the initial appliques.
Appliqued initial on custom pillowcase
I'm not going to reinvent the wheel by putting together a tutorial, I highly reccommend you use this  TUTORIAL from 
Machine Appliqued Initial on Pillowcase
*The ONLY change I made to her tutorial was adding the zig zag stitch to the RIGHT (instead of the wrong side) side of the fabric along the seam of the border and body. It not only reinforces the seam, but is an added detail to the front of the pillowcase!
Custom pillowcase with Initial

After you have your pillowcase made you can add the applique to the border- if you need a tutorial on how to add appliques, check out my tutorial HERE
Snuggle Flannel and Initial Pillowcases
I heart these so much! 
I had to hide them from my daughter because she tried to steal them several times before I could get them wrapped for Christmas! 
Needless to say I had to make her one of  her own! (not pictured because I'm trying to be super secret with it and keep it out of her sight!)
How to make a custom pillowcase
If you have any questions let me know! I'd be happy to help!
(and if you are one of my sisters reading this....SHHHHHH! keep quiet on this!)

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