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Yard Sale Finds

It has been a long time since I have done a post on our yard sale adventures...crazy considering I started my blog to document all these finds! ( here, here, and here... and so many more) Holy cow my photography/ blogging skills have massively improved!

This is just a fraction of what we bought over the summer...

Surprisingly a few were even worth something! 

We paid $25 for the 3 gallon Red Wing crock, more than I normally spend at a sale (and we might've had to dig out all of the change from the car to get it) but it was so worth it! Its flawless and on average are priced in the $50-$75 range- more or less depending on condition. 

I love the old ammo box, I can never have too many...especially at only $2!

We've picked up several blue mason jars ranging from $2-$3 a piece. We are looking for unique ones and have been expanding our collection nicely. The green bottle was a random find that is different than anything we have.

I adore the tiny embroidered picture. I don't know when it was made or how old it is, but I love the hand made quality of it. Also, I'm a sucker for cottages.

The most surprising purchase was this set of Johnson Bros "Tally Ho" bowls. I snagged them for $1 because I thought they were pretty- totally loving the equestrian hunting scenes (Downton Abbey is clearly rubbing off on me!) I did a little research and found out that the small berry bowls are worth around $14 EACH! Wha!? That's not all, I also found an Ebay listing for a similar large fruit bowl (8 1/2") for close to $200! I have two! Crazy!! I am in love with the pattern, but I am not sure I can afford to collect it! 

We also picked up several pieces of furniture that will be on the blog soon- as they get makeovers and find places in our house. My husband says the project pile is getting too big...which isn't good, be cause we ended up with a much smaller garage than planned! Time to get to work I guess!

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