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Pink Ladies {recipe}

Around here we love Pink Ladies...its like a root beer float, only without root beer. Its more like a Shirley Temple on steroids. Our little local drive-in, The Frosty Palace, is the only place I know where to get one and any time we need a cool treat that's where we head.
I decided to figure out how to make the darn things on my own as a surprise treat for my cousin's baby shower- which we threw for her while we were camping over 4th of July. ( More on that to come!)

Here is my version of the Pink Lady from Frosty Palace-or as close as I can get it without hauling a soft serve ice cream machine around with me!

For a single serving you will need: 

1 can  lemon/lime soda
2 Tbsp Grenadine
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

Mix Grenadine and and soda pour over ice cream! 
Couldn't be easier! You can adjust the amount of grenadine to suit your taste. I made up a whole pitcher to serve 15-20 people. Since we were camping I had to eye-ball it, but there wasn't one complaint from the campers! The mom-to-be was especially happy to get one! 

Don"t you love my fancy dinnerware! Totally photo shoot worthy, right? 
I hope to get better pictures next time I make these...and trust me, there will be a next time REAL soon!
If you try this let me know what you think!!!

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