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Belly Tales {7 months}

I'm sneaking this post in a whopping 2 days before little man turns 8 months!


How's that for cutting it close!? Unfortunately ( or fortunately?) I wasn't able to stick with my normal set up for monthly my chalkboard is buried somewhere deep inside a 17 ft storage unit, but I'm totally crushing this opening photo! The month tag and high contrast black and white is making me want to go re- edit ALL his photos! ( and you think I'm joking...)hahahaha!

Luckily the little blanket we've been using, some how managed to keep itself out of a box...and we had a fun shoot despite the lack of chalkboard.

...even got big sis in on the action! Too cute for their own good!
Everett is cruising along furniture and has even stood a few times without help. He loves to give kisses, especially to his daddy and he is fascinated by Ellery, following her all over the house...well, follows her when he's not following me. We are working on separation issues and severe hunger issues...yea, wanting to nurse all day and eat regular food. 
TONS of it. 
How am I gonna keep up with him!? I keep saying I hope he's just cutting a tooth, but my husband says I've been saying that for 7 months...

Can't believe he'll be 8 months in a couple days! 

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