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moving {update}

So I'm learning very quickly that even tho I don't NEED to blog, I really miss it when I'm not able too...especially since I wasn't able to put up my Give Me The Goods post! SAD DAY!  I have been reading all the links tho!!

Here is a little update on our move!!

We are officially in limbo...staying with my cousin in her hunting every spare moment...anxiously awaiting an offer on our house in N. Idaho and  trying very hard to keep a routine with the kids.

We are also trying to decide what type of houses we really like. Several homes are brand new and GORGEOUS!! Every part of me wants the luxury of a new home, but our top contender is a huge house in need of some TLC. We cant seem to help it...DIYers for life!?

Can we just say the house is an interesting shade of green...

so much potential tho! 

Going to look at it Monday again! Will keep you all posted!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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