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Living & Dining Makeover {part 3}

Thanks for coming back to see the final reveal of the living room!

Here is one more before:

As you can see we flip flopped the room around. Using the large windowless wall for the couch!
HUGE difference in flow, but it meant we had to be creative with TV placement. 
That's the media cabinet my husband built came in! He built it to fit precisely in the corner!
There is open space between the living and dining room, which serves no purpose,...unless you count the baby jump toy...but it is pretty to see the fire place as you walk in the room!
My old gas can...seems logical to put it by a fire place...right? 
Cozy arrangement...and a cow! Love this artwork! It was a total step out of my comfort zone, but my husband admired it for weeks at the hospital gift shop when our daughter was there and I surprised him with it for our anniversary! I love the bright colors!
I used old windows to do a gallery wall. I got the bull skull from my grandpa. You might remember the arrow painting I did and the Remington prints are my husbands. They are part of a set of 8-..which I am on the look out for! 
I decided to use my old tool box for toy storage. I got this when I graduated high school. My parents said I could pick out a cedar chest, but I found this. It was black and my dad refinished it for me! I want to get it up on casters to make it easier to move.
I love that it hides toys! 

So there she is! The living room is complete! As you know if you have been following along, it has already changed since these pictures. I have less stuff in the room and the Realtor came by and took pictures for the listing. Our house is officially on the market!

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