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Wedding {part 1} : engagement photos

Wedding season is upon us! I thought I would put together a mini-series to show how I am participating in an upcoming wedding! Thankfully, I'm long past having to actually be in the wedding party, instead I am working behind the scenes, doing what I do best....painting, photography and design work!

To start off the series we will focus on my first engagement photo shoot!

It all started with a discussion with the bride that went something like this..."do you have your invites yet?"...which led too... "oh, you really wanted an engagement photo for your invites, but never got it done?" to...,"Well, heck, I can do that!"

I actually volunteered my husband at first. He took the first 15 photos and then handed the camera to me, umm...yea...I knew I could do it, but at the same time, I am NOT a professional (yet).

Even tho the bride had pinned all sorts of ideas, we both forgot our phones and had already hiked up the mountainside so we decided to wing it. We ended up braving almost freezing temps and spitting snow, I pretty much just made them laugh and went from there...I mean, come on, the poor guy was in shorts! It took less than an hour, but we got some great photos!

I gave her two copies of each clean edit, one vintage and then a few high contrast black & whites if I thought it worked. She loved them and I was happy I didn't screw the whole thing up!!

Next up I will show you which one made the invite and what those look like too! 

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