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Painting Tips + announcement!

I feel like I need to break into song, like in some kind of musical...specifically the song "Gone Country" by Alan Jackson...

She's gone country, look at them boots
She's gone country, back to her roots...

That's right...this girl is headed back to her roots! My husband was offered a promotion down in Southern Idaho and he accepted it! Not only am I super proud of all the hard work he put into his job, but I am more than a million times over excited that I will be moving less than an hour from my hometown. I will be super close to both sets of grandparents and a plethora of cousins!

We head out this weekend to check out some houses (you will be able to follow our house hunt on Instagram and Twitter), but not before we finish up some painting here at our current house in preparation to list it. I'm totally kicking myself for not tackling all of this WAY sooner! I'm up to eyeballs in paint with no end in sight! 

Since I have been painting so much I thought I would share a super simple trick with you!

If you need to paint trim that comes in contact with carpet...
insert card stock between carpet and trim
paint and remove, voila!!!
(if you get drips on the floor because you are a messy painter like me, 
just let them dry and then peel off or wipe up with soap and water)
We are using Sherwin Williams Super Paint - its self priming and is super easy to work with!

We soooooo close to being done with trim downstairs and then its on to the walls!

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