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Pinterest Challenge {update #2}

Do you remember the Pinterest Challenge that I started over a month ago? I had lofty goals and might have been overly enthusiastic about what I wanted to get done. I sure as heck forgot to factor in how hard it is to be productive with a little infant in the house and I under estimated how many Etsy orders I would have. So, instead of busting through all my goals, I've spent a lot of time rocking the little guy and painting signs. That's not to say I haven't gotten things done.

One of my goals was to make artwork for Everett's room. I took THESE PICTURES at the farm a long while back. My most favorite was this picture of our bull, Norman...he's looks so huge and mean, but is really just a big teddy bear. He is the only cow we have left at the farm right now (although I think he is loaned out at the moment..if you know what I mean..wink wink) and he happens to be quite photogenic.

My sister gave me a quick tutorial on how to mount a printed photo to wood (tutorial to come soon, I promise!!) and I got this one done today during nap time...

I still need to add some hardware to hang it and put on another coat of sealer, but..

I think he looks pretty good...

This might never make it into the baby's room because I seriously love it! 

Check back in later this week for another update on my Pinterest Challenge!
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  1. Looks soooooooo good!! I love it!!

    1. Thanks! I need your help fixing the other one I pulled away from the wood after I sealed it!! Oh no!1


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