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So we have been in our house a little over a year! Woo hoo!

Since I am feeling nostalgic I thought I would take you on the BEFORE tour of our house. I took pictures of my own, but they seem to be missing- they are probably on my laptop-which lately has been talking to me and playing strange music..scary! Yea, so, these old real estate pics and some cell phone ones will have to suffice.

Don't judge.
- Facing the Bay- we are not ON the lake, but close on just over an acre.

Front door. 
Gravel driveway...

The only nice thing is the concrete stamped floors which I love!

This area is small...
too small, 
with the biggest fireplace on the planet...
(or at least for this house!)
smack dab in the center of the main wall...
not in the dining room or the living room.
Makes furniture placement well, to keep it PG, I will just say difficult.
The kitchen is so tiny...
no pantry the ugliest peach Corian I have ever seen...
almond appliances...
and we never figured out what is going on in the soffitt...
(you can tell I LOOOOVE this house, right?)
dining room...which barely fits a table...
what I do love are all the windows...two in every room.
How about around of applause for the over abundance of wallpaper border!
Everyone loves sail boats!
(Will have makeover up on blog this next week!!)

One of two kids rooms!
yay more border! 
Labs this time!
I don't think I got before pics of Elle's room...
basically the same room, only with a door to the deck.
You can see her room makeover HERE

one up stairs and one down...
lots of unnecessary fish, dolphins and sailboats...
some of the fish in the shower stall are just stickers...
(hey, Mom, when are you gonna come take the rest of those down?) 
I think my husband would agree, we bought this house because of the Master Suite.
We knew we could fix the rest of the house.
Great logic right?
Big windows and a deck
I'm totally aware that I can't let the kids out there...
railing is NOT to code...
don't call CPS on me!
Only a little bit of Dolphin border in master bath...
 but it totally redeems itself with a huge shower and tub!

Well that's basically it...

We are mid project on several things and I can't wait to share the transformations. Its got to only get better from here, right?


  1. Love the house tour, Amber! Is it weird that I wish I could go into all my neighbors houses to see how they decorate? haha! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! xo Bridgett @osiemoats

  2. I would have bought it for the master as well! Can't wait to see all your updates! And I am loving your new profile picture! Gorgeous!

    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

    1. Thanks! My sister took them, have a few more to edit ,but I'm loving them too!

  3. You've made so many great changes.. I'll finish taking those fish off soon!

  4. I want your master bd/bath!! I love it! It is fun to see before already looks so much better with the things you guys have you are an amazing decorator!

  5. P.s. I love your new pic too!!! :o)

  6. I love how you said "unnecessary fish and dolphins" about the border! Ha! Can't wait to see the transformation pics!!


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