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Harly's Creations- Etsy Store Review

So I am pretty obsessed with Etsy.

Whenever I am in need of something unique for someone that I can't make myself, its the first place I go.
Shopping online is so much easier than packing up the kids and heading into town...heck, I barely mange grocery shopping! 
Besides, if you haven't already noticed, there are some super duper talented artisans among us and
 I still get to support small businesses. Win win no matter how you look at it.  

I was searching for a penguin themed gift for my cute little niece and I spotted  these- I can't get over how cute they are so I had to buy one- penguin hats from
Too cute right! 

I knew the second I saw them they were PERFECT!!
When I saw they were made by a local Idaho artist it sealed the deal! 

I picked the girly gray one because its just the cutest girl penguin ever! 
The eyelashes and poof are too cute to pass up!
Harly makes the hats to order and I had it within the week!
The quality of the hat was impeccable. 

My niece LOVED it too!

I am really happy I got her an adult size so that she can wear it for a long time to come!
Or maybe it will get passed down to little sister...

You'll have to check out what else is in her shop....

I know right!!?? Adorable! 
I give two thumbs up (more if I had 'em!) to Harly's Creations!

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