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Office Chair Makeover {before & after}

As you know we have been working on our office...and it is SOOO close to being done. Since I know the suspense has to be killing you, I thought I would share a sneak peek at one of the projects I did for the room. 
Since my taste is a little on the expensive side, but my budget is clearly not I had to again get creative with an office chair solution. Luckily I scored some new{old} dining chairs over the summer so I could retire my old ones. Originally I tried selling the set on our local yard sale Facebook page, but then the more I looked at them I realized I was missing an opportunity to use them in the office!

Here's the before-


         I bought them with the intention of redoing them a couple years ago, but only ever managed to change the the fabric( it was a must do right away project because they were disgusting). As dining room chairs they were so terrible...mostly because Ellery would push them all over the house...annoying! an office, rolling is a GOOD thing, right!?

So, a couple coats of homemade chalk paint and some hand sanding later we have.....


I love how they turned out! I did a pair of them and they look so cute in the office! I do have plans on recovering them again someday. I need to put a thicker cushion on them, so they are a bit more comfortable for long computer sessions, but they'll have to wait till I find some new fabric. What do you think?

Here's a side by side before and after-


  1. Love the chair! The makeover of the one you sold me is almost complete! -your newest follower:)


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