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Burp Cloths and Pillowcase Dress {sewing}

I don't really sew....I have attempted several times, but nothing really worth showing to evidenced by a tree skirt I sewed for Christmas one year...I think it was suppose to be round, but I am pretty sure its not. Every Christmas I am reminded of my poor sewing skills as I put the terrible thing under the tree.

I aim to change this fault of mine.

I want to learn to sew and thanks to my mom and my older sister, I might just make that a reality!

I got to spend a weekend with my sister sewing some adorable projects as gifts...she is still in the learning process too, so we spent a lot of time problem solving which meant I learned A LOT!

Here is what we worked on:

Vintage Inspired Burp Cloths

I can't take credit for any of the sewing on these, that was all my sister, but I did learn to pin and iron hems!
These were super simple( once we figured out what we were doing!)
They are made from pre-fold diapers, fabric from fat quarters and an vintage sheet.
We used this tutorial found HERE

Vintage Pillowcase Dress

Isn't this ADORABLE!!!
This dress was made from a vintage pillowcase. We actually made a huge mistake by cutting the arm hole in the wrong spot- dead center on the front and back actually...not really where your arms come out...oops! How did we solve the problem? We sewed the blue panel of fabric on the front and took some thinking on our part, but in the end we both really liked how it turned out! While my sister did the hard part of sewing, I made the little yo-yo flowers out of scrap fabric. With the addition of some buttons and rick-rack the dress totally came together!! I love when mistakes make something even better!
I am in love with sewing now!!
Now time for my to attempt some projects solo....stay tuned!!

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